Florida Cutting Horse Association
Welcome Party & Year End Awards
Monday, December 27th 
Annual Membership Meeting @ 4:30pm

Welcome Party @ 6pm-9pm

2021 Year End Awards @ 7pm

Please plan to bring a chair.
Check out the below award winners to see if you will be receiving a year end award. We are very excited to see everyone and look forward to a fun evening!
Champion: NRR Coles Scootn Cat,   Rider: Tracy Barton Owner: Maggies Farm Llc   $8,855.66 
Reserve Champion: Bama Jelly,  Rider: Austin Shepard Owner: Madalyn Colgrove   $3,148.76 
Champion: Total Reycall, Owner & Rider: Priscilla Wilson   $5,243.70 
Reserve Champion: Juan Tough Cat, Owner & Rider: Matthew Coldiron   $3,855.94 
50,000 Amateur:
Champion:  Branded Boon, Owner & Rider: Brooke Manion  $5,661.34 
Reserve Champion:    Gsr Onetime Lena, Owner & Rider: Keith Heritage  $3,900.32 
25,000 Novice Horse
Champion: Full Metal Kitty, Rider: Tracy Barton Owner: Joseph G Dakan  $5,816.09 
Reserve Champion: Hott Cat, Rider: Ben Roberson Owner: Larry Sullivan  $2,554.75 

25,000 Novice Horse Non-Pro
Champion: This Is My Spot, Owner & Rider: Jamie Sokol  $4,750.25 
Reserve Champion: Bet on Finale, Owner & Rider: Kathy Sokol  $3,745.28
35,000 Non-Pro
Champion: Catsmall Stacey  & Stacey Burkins $1,517.50 
Reserve Champion: Brake Smooth & Jennifer Lefever-Rumble  $853.62
15,000 Amateur
Champion: Im Struck On You & Jan Hodges Burch  $753.94 
Reserve Champion:
 Db Mates Brow & Stacie D Pettitt $686.64

5,000 Novice Horse
Champion: Royalreytraildust, Rider: Tracy Barton Owner: Joseph G Dakan   $1,749.19 
Reserve Champion: Bowmans Checks, Rider: Trey Wilson Owner: William Brotherton   $1,695.75
 5,000 Novice Horse Non-Pro
Champion: Dual Smart Sherman, Van Davenport  $1,369.80 
Reserve Champion: Ichin To The Music, William Meyers $1,164.00
  2,000 Limited Rider
Champion: Hip Hop Cat,  Shelby Strickland  $2,988.43 
Reserve Champion: Catmerize, Kate Roberson  $1,250.83
Senior Youth
Champion: Lily Erwin
Reserve Champion: Cody Cain
Junior Youth
Champion:   Reagan Overstreet 
Reserve Champion: Georgia Hoffman
Novice Youth
Champion:   Caralina Denis
Open Derby
Champion: Kandid, Rider: Trey Wilson Owner: Priscilla Wilson  $3,615.02 
Reserve Champion: Smokey 2, Rider: Eddie Braxton Owner: Jan Burch  $2,831.10 
Non-Pro Derby
Champion: Frosting The Deal,  Rider: Steven C Sodrel  Owner: Noah Sodrel  $4,962.96 
Reserve Champion: Kandid, Owner & Rider: Priscilla Wilson   $2,735.90 
Open Classic
Champion: NRR Petal Cat, Rider: Tracy Barton Owner: Shawn Ogni  $5,016.97 
Reserve Champion: Spending Benjamins, Rider: Trey Wilson  Owner: Melanie Penner  $3,279.61 
Non-Pro Classic
Champion: Spending Benjamins, Owner & Rider: Melanie Penner  $4,383.23 
Reserve Champion: Woody Lightyear, RIder: Nicholas Johnson Owner: Lisa White Johnson $2,316.95